Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Small Backyard Ideas for Kids

Frost and before school begins, we plan the activities of the camp of the children of fun right in your backyard. Invite your friends and neighbors of some of the backyard campout. Children, a small group of children of school age from 6 to 8 is recommended. , Set the flat sheet on top of the laundry to make 10 tons, or (! As long as you do not have a large family size tent) for each child at least 2-3 with the help of several tent .

Small Backyard Ideas for KidsSmall Backyard Ideas for Kids

You may have to do the type of tent announcement contains information such as the children.

  1. Sun backyard campout
  2. Time to display
  3. Bring: What kind of sleeping bag, pillow, PJ, toothbrush
  4. When you pick up the next morning
  5. Chaperone information

Beautiful Small Backyard Ideas for KidsBeautiful Small Backyard Ideas for Kids

Children when he appeared in camp activities for children, we plan to barbecue hot dogs and baked dip stick, chips, vegetable sticks and, in a highly nutritious drink. The cup cake was decorated with "tent" of paper (dyed with green food coloring for "grass") shredded coconut on top of it. Please put the name of the child to "tent" of each.

Before it gets dark, if it is necessary that they are over, for safety tips that can come inside to find a place to sleep and bathroom, during the night anywhere. Will issue a flashlight or litestick each camper. Have a first aid kit that can be used with bug spray.

Perfect Small Backyard Ideas for KidsPerfect Small Backyard Ideas for Kids

After dark, shadow play a game of flashlight tag and fingers. Collect the group (or semi-circular), place the lantern in the middle of the camp circle. Turn on the lights down low, please tell me the "scary story of the camp." Start the "story tall" (the child being used in the backyard) guest of honor, every person on the circumference, storytelling must be added to the story of until you are done playing in the guest of honor or it play the game. And a small group of people, it may be fun to go around the group several times before ending the story.

You do not scare the night sky night clouds and if it is clear, and was lying on my back for anyone. Where can I find the North Star, the North Star who? Where can I find the Big Dipper and Little Dipper who? Look up the constellations in the sky of the summer in your area. They will determine whether you can find any of them.

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