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Masculine Bedroom Design Ideas | Perfect Masculine Bedroom Design Ideas

Modern Masculine Bedroom DesignsModern Masculine Bedroom Designs

All right, you ... gentleman, you know are in need of decoration of your bedroom, while understanding that the comforter is not an option you have with a camouflage animals and wild and / or, "Everyone right should not be forced to sleep in the room chic "" and "shabby has been taken over? Take a deep breath, take a man. You can have a bedroom of an adult with no frills and flowers, I have you covered. There are three types of design very stylish rooms to keep men in mind here decisive.

Masculine Bedroom Colors IdeasMasculine Bedroom Colors Ideas

A. Traditional
In this design, in walnut, dark woods like mahogany fine, select the furniture and heavy with a sense of age to it. It may be sculpture and detail, in favor of the straight line, you can avoid the elements of Queen Anne design curves France, or Tuscany. I do not care about the feeling of most men are trapped, a tall headboard, footboard and bed and select the low. Houndstooth, tartan, paisley, wool, flannel: For bedding, use the fabric of what is called "men's clothing" typically. In the window, go heavy drapes, velvet and chenille together like. If you have a seat in the room, rich leather trim and nail head is ideal. Color is olive, burgundy, brown, dark gold, like navy, deep, must be calm - I think the colors evoke a feeling "library" that. Please is muted by using a lamp shade of color to cast a deep pool of light metals and charming, and warm lighting. Artwork, including still life, you must be a classical landscape, portrait or, perhaps. To exit the space in luxury oriental rugs.

Masculine Bedroom Design IdeasMasculine Bedroom Design Ideas

B. Rustic
You can configure the rooms are rustic forest, the elements of earth, or dressed as a luxury ski lodge, and DOWN to dress like a cabin in the woods. (Relax ... moose head is not included in the women) to start, select the furniture of many of the properties of nature such as hickory oak, or pine. Work is heavy, it should be easy. Slat bed with headboard, but will be perfect, I was able to work a very simple wrought iron as well. As with traditional rooms, leather seat is the best hotel, and this time select the rich soft wrinkles and markings, and hide a defect. In the texture of interest, holding the fabric in this room of mainly solid, such as cotton, denim, flannel, wool, knit more. Your color scheme, in shades of blue, green, brown, khaki, beige, and reflects the rustic inspiration. OPT for coordination in the shade of wooden blinds for Windows, and furniture. Select the lamp of natural materials such as wood and iron, stick artwork, landscape and nature (however, please howling wolf) for. On the floor, Persian rugs geometric Navajo, or braid, complete the look completely.

Perfect Masculine Bedroom Design IdeasPerfect Masculine Bedroom Design Ideas

C. Metro
Design of underground rooms are modern and sophisticated, clean. Here, as in black and espresso, strong horizontal line decoration ZERO, absolutely, we recommend a low-profile furniture in the dark color. Platform bed is a great choice for this design. , Black, gray, white: must be very sharp graphics and color schemes. For bedding, keep it simple. I think five-star hotel - all white is simple and is ideal for the style. To window treatments, such as curtains grommet top panel of designer shades and do not take simple, must be minimal. For seats, leather is still the answer, arms thin line, square, straight legs, smooth black or white, this time. When it comes to lighting, in this case, to add some sparkle is a chance. Move the metal with nickel and chromium, such as bright, or shiny material such as glass and porcelain. To secure the space to carpet and floor thick shag or flokati, let's take a walk in the wild side with bold abstract works of art.
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